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The United States has long been one of the most popular destinations in the world for international students, including Moroccan students. Certainly, American universities offer exceptional teaching quality, cultural diversity and countless professional opportunities. But, as for the costs of studying in the USA, are they really too expensive? Are there any means of financing for international students? In this article, we will explore the costs of studying in the United States in detail, analyzing tuition fees, living costs and financing options.

Costs of studying in the USA: tuition fees

Study costs at American universities are generally more expensive than the majority of other universities around the world. In reality, tuition fees in the USA vary considerably depending on:

  • the desired establishment, and;
  • of the chosen program of study.

Although public universities are more affordable than private universities, international students pay higher tuition fees than American students as a result.
Generally speaking, tuition at public universities can range from a few thousand dollars per year in states where education is subsidized, to more than $20,000 per year in other states. On the other hand, for private universities, study costs can reach more than $50,000 per year. Here are some examples of the study costs of the best establishments in the USA according to the latest statistics from QS World University in 2023:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (ranked first in the world)

  • Bachelor: from $55,878 per year.

Stanford University (ranked third in the world)

  • Bachelor: from $55,473 per year.
  • Master: from $47,080 per year.

Harvard University (the fifth in the world)

  • Bachelor: from $55,587 per year.
  • Master: from $54,032 per year.

California Institute of Technology (Ranked sixth in the world)

  • Bachelor: from $58,680 per year.

University of Chicago (ranked tenth worldwide)

  • Bachelor: from $62,241 per year.
  • Master: from $57,789 per year.

How much does it cost to live in the United States?

Not only tuition fees, students wishing to study in the United States need to consider living expenses as well. This may include housing, food, transportation, books, and personal expenses. Obviously, the costs of living in the USA vary considerably from one region to another. That said, larger cities, like New York or San Francisco, are generally more expensive than rural areas.

Housing costs in the USA:

The question of accommodation is the first question that international students ask after obtaining their admission and student visa. Indeed, housing costs may vary depending on the location and type of accommodation (university residence, shared apartment, etc.). For example, rent for an apartment in the USA costs from $600 and can go up to $3000 in big cities. Thus, on-campus rent generally costs more, around $9,000 per year at public universities and $11,000 at private universities.
In addition, additional costs must be planned (if the owner does not include them in the accommodation), such as electricity, water and sanitation, heating and telephone and internet costs. These fees can range from $150 to $400 per month.

Food costs in the United States:

Indeed, the cost of food depends on the student’s eating habits. But typically, for an off-campus student, food can cost them between $200 and $400 per month.

Transportation costs in the USA:

Another element to plan for when establishing your budget is transportation. Indeed, transport costs vary depending on the region. But generally, public transport often remains the cheapest and most practical way to get around. Normally, a monthly public transport pass can cost you between $45 and $100 with the possibility of getting additional discounts for certain universities.

Costs for books, supplies and health insurance:

In addition to housing, food and transportation costs, students should also plan for other types of costs. For example, books and study supplies can cost you between $400 and $1000 per year. So, health insurance will cost you between 700 and 1100 Dollars.

How to finance your studies in the USA?

Certainly, the costs of studying in the USA are very high compared to other countries. For this, many international students turn to different sources of financing to continue their studies in the United States. Here are somesources of financing that will be available to you in the USA:


In fact, scholarships are one of the main sources of funding for international students. In the United States, scholarship offers are multiple and offered by different organizations (universities, foreign governments, private organizations and companies). Indeed, scholarships in the USA are based on different criteria: academic merit, financial needs, discipline of study, and nationality.

Student loans:

Another possibility for students who consider their studies in the USA as an investment is to have study loans. However, these loans are not available to all international students. So, these loans can come with high interest rates.

Student jobs:

Working in parallel with your studies also represents a very preferred way for international students to finance part of their studies. In fact, working conditions for students are set by the Department of State in the USA. Generally, international students can work during their studies for a maximum of 20 hours and exclusively on campus. However, students find jobs quite easily on campus (cafes, stores, bookstores, etc.).

Assistantships and corporate sponsorship:

Some international students may obtain teaching or research assistant positions, which often offer compensation and partial or full tuition waivers. Likewise, there are companies that sponsor international students by offering them financial aid with a view to recruiting them after their studies.

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