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As a country known for its world-renowned universities and rich history, England has long been a magnet and preferred study destination for international students. However, studying in this prestigious destination is often associated with high tuition fees and living costs. This can discourage many international students wanting to study in England. Fortunately, several governmental and non-governmental institutions offer numerous scholarships in England. This encourages students around the world to achieve their academic ambition without worrying about financial obstacles. So, if you are looking for scholarships in England, this article is where you will find the list.

Types of Scholarships in England:

In order to make higher education more accessible to international students, the United Kingdom offers different types of scholarships. Indeed, scholarships in England vary depending on their source, level of study and areas of application. Here are the most popular types of scholarships in England:

UK Government Scholarships:

The UK Government, through the Chevening Scheme, offers over 1,500 scholarships to outstanding students from around the world. Indeed, these scholarships are offered to master’s level students with excellent academic results to pursue their postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. Additionally, the Chevening scholarship can cover the full costs of one year of master’s study in England. This includes tuition fees, round-trip travel costs to and from England, an arrival and departure allowance as well as monthly financial aid to cover living costs.

British university scholarships:

Many universities offer partial or full scholarships in England to attract talented and diverse students. Indeed, scholarships from British universities can be based on different factors:

  • Merit and excellence scholarships based on school grades.
  • Performance scholarships based on extracurricular activities (sport, music, drawing, theater, etc.)
  • Specialty scholarships for a few specific disciplines.
  • Asylum scholarships available to students seeking asylum in the UK.
  • Disability scholarships.

Some scholarships in England offered by universities:

Rhodes Global Scholarship – Oxford University:

A full scholarship awarded to international students wishing to study a Masters or PhD at the University of Oxford.

Smuts – Cambridge University

The Smuts scholarship is reserved for international students wishing to complete a doctorate (PhD) at the University of Cambridge. Indeed, this scholarship covers tuition fees as well as an annual allowance. Moreover, the only condition is to work on a research topic having a relationship with Commonwealth countries and in a few specific areas.

MBA Scholarship – Cambridge University

A scholarship of up to £23,000, offered every 2 years for bright students in the field of management and business administration wishing to enter a prestigious MBA program at the University of Cambridge.

International ambassadors – University of West London

A scholarship offered to students wishing to be ambassadors for the University of West London. That said, to present the university to prospective international students, including open days, to participate in interviews, videos and photoshoots with the marketing department… Thus, the scholarship includes a financial aid of £5000 and a discount on first year tuition fees.

Don McCarthy – Caledonian from Glasgow University

A full scholarship covering all tuition and living costs for international students wishing to study the master’s degree in the field of fashion at this university.

Other scholarships in England:

Commonwealth Scholarships

Scholarships awarded by the British Department for International Development aimed at international students from Commonwealth countries wishing to study a master’s or doctorate (PhD) in England.

Foreign Government Scholarships:

Some foreign governments offer scholarships for their citizens to study in the UK, strengthening international links and academic cooperation.

Company stock exchanges:

Some companies and industries offer scholarships and sponsor international students who plan to pursue degrees in fields related to their industry.

Procedure for obtaining scholarships in England

The application process for scholarshipsin England can be complex, but with careful preparation it is entirely achievable. Here are some key steps to follow:

Search for scholarships in England:

The first step to obtaining a scholarship in England is to search for available scholarships that match your interests, your level of study and your financial needs. Indeed, university websites, government agencies and online scholarship databases are excellent resources for finding opportunities.

Preparation of Documents:

Once you have found the scholarships that match your needs and read the conditions, you will need to submit an application. Generally, this file consists of a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, transcripts, letters of recommendation and sometimes examples of previous work.

Application Deadline:

It is important to respect the application deadlines. Some scholarships have strict deadlines, and late applications are generally not accepted.

Preparing for the Interview:

If your application is successful, you may be invited for an interview. So, prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with the scholarship goals and thinking about how your background and academic goals align.

Be Perseverant:

Obviously, competition for scholarships is fierce. It is therefore essential not to get discouraged if you are refused and continue to look for other financing opportunities.

The advantages of obtaining scholarships in England

Having scholarships in England allows international students to benefit from several advantages:

Reduction or waiver of tuition fees

The first advantage of having a scholarship in England is, obviously, to finance your studies, partially or completely. That said, you will no longer have to worry about the budget.

Help with living expenses

Many international students look for student jobs to help them cover living costs during their period of study abroad. On the other hand, if you have one or more scholarships, this will allow you to concentrate more on your studies without needing to work at the same time.

An honor to add to your portfolio

Generally, to obtain a scholarship, students go through a serious selection procedure and sometimes even tests. Therefore, being chosen for a scholarship in England can be seen as an advantage and an honor that you can include in your portfolio.

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